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    Smallfish believes that the fish you catch deserve to be landed in a nature inspired fly-fishing net.


    Smallfish designs and crafts each net to cradle the fish and to look exceptional while doing so.


    Every Smallfish fly-fishing net is an original - the lines, the curves, and the unique handles are a collaboration of nature and design; never to be reproduced again.

    Inspired by Tenkara

    The fly-fishing nets designed at Smallfish are influenced by the Japanese style of Tenkara fly-fishing nets. Smallfish has taken elements of the Tenkara net style and fused them with modern fly-fishing catch and release nets.


    The result is a collection of unique fly-fishing nets that blend the old and the new in a variety of organic shapes and sizes to suit both the Tenkara and the rod and reel fly-fisher.



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    Crowsnest River Series Net#28
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    Madison River Series Net #5
    Madison River Series Net #4
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    Crowsnest River Series Net #26
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    Drifter Series Net # 6
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    Crowsnest River Series Net # 16
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    Shokawa River Series Net #7
    Fallen Timber Series Net #5
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    Tributary Series Net #2
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  • Break free

    Each fly-fishing net created at Smallfish is unlike any you have seen before. The organic shapes offer a refreshing divergence from the traditionally shaped fly-fishing nets of yesteryear.

    One of a kind

    At Smallfish each trout fly-fishing net created is unique. Whether it be the blend and pattern of the wood, the selection of the handle or the shape itself. You can expect each net to be as individual as you are.

  • Design at Smallfish

    what goes into our custom fly-fishing nets

    Smallfish fly-fishing net with cutthroat

    Form and function

    working together

    Function and form are both kept in mind when designing each fly-fishing landing net.


    The design of the fly-fishing net should be purposeful. It should feel good in the your hand and it needs to land the trout easily and safely.


    The bottom of the catch and release fly-fish netting provides a flat surface to safely display your landed trout while the organic shapes of the wood provide a perfect background for that great photograph.

    wood used in Smallfish fly-fishing nets

    Small shop

    crafted results

    At Smallfish each wooden fly-fishing landing net is crafted and finished to the highest quality.

    wood for the handle of Smallfish  fly-fishing nets

    Design your own

    be part of the process - pick and choose

    At Smallfish, you can be part of the design process of your unique fly-fishing landing net.


    Have an idea for your own custom fly-fishing net? Let Smallfish know.


    Want to incorporate a special branch into the design of your custom fly-fishing landing net? Smallfish can do that.


    Want a special pattern of woods in your custom fly-fishing net? Smallfish can do that too.

  • Construction

    hand-crafted with meticulous care

    Hardwood is ripped and sanded

    The uniformity and smoothness of every layer creates a solid bonding surface, thus creating a stronger net.

    Steaming hardwoods for Smallfish nets

    Hardwood layers are steamed

    Steaming the hardwood allows it to bend easily around the unique hoop forms of each net.


    The steaming process of the hardwood allows the two-part epoxy to penetrate the wood fibres making the wood of the hoop structurally stronger and also 100 percent waterproof.

    epoxy and double dowel of handle of Smallfish nets

    Epoxy resin and double doweled

    The handle is attached to the hilt with an epoxy and double doweled to add strength and durability.

    Final layers hardwood of the hoop of Smallfish nets

    Final layers are added with a finishing epoxy resin

    This last step ties everything together and hides the dowels.


    The net is now ready for sanding, shaping and finishing work.


    An epoxy resin penetrates the wood making it 100 percent waterproof and finishes to either a glossy, satin or matte finish depending on the final sanding or polishing procedures.

  • Words from Customers

    I received the net a couple of days ago. It is wonderful! My wife and I see this as a piece of art. It is really well made and the inlays are striking. I cannot wait to get it on the water.

    Marv, Italy

    The net is beautiful. It will not hang hidden in my “fishing closet” between trips to the water as my Brodin Catch and Release net does, but rather it will be on display in my "fishing room” along with my artwork which includes Bill Elliot, Mike Stidham and Big Sky Carvers. But it will be used…the feel in the hand is incredible. Cannot wait to get it wet.

    Joseph, North Carolina

    Thank you so much for my net, it is exactly what I had hoped for!! Your craftsmanship is exquisite.

    Chris, California

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