Sanding the newest Bow Series #2 Fly-fishing nets
I want to share with you a quick snapshot as to how each fly-fishing landing net is designed and handcrafted.  The handle is where the process starts. Each handle is sustainably harvested from the Rocky Mountain forests in Alberta and the Cascades in southern British Columbia. The wood is chosen based on its curves, unique features and how well it sits in my hand.  I then design the template for the fly-fishing net around the features of the wood, some pieces become a Tenkara inspired net, while others are better suited as a traditional fly-fishing landing net.  The wood for the hoop and the hilt are chosen to compliment the handle and the overall design.  The landing net is built up slowly with the best materials and craftsmanship.  Each net is an original; the lines, the curves and the organic shape are a collaboration of nature and design, never to be repeated again.  
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