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Giving Back!

Smallfish donates to the Foodbank

Smallfish Bow Series #1 Fly-fishing landing net with a Brook trout
During this festive time of year, it's important to give back to the community we live in.  Smallfish needs your help.  We have donated our finest and favourite Fly-fishing net to the CBC Suncor Foodbank Drive to be auctioned off on the morning of December 24th.  The handle is made from a beautifully curved Arbutus hardwood which feels just right in your hand. The hoop and hilt is a combination of walnut and maple. This net is our favourite at Smallfish not only because of it's beauty and function, but because of the the story behind how I found the branch for the handle.
While walking through the coastal Cascade forests of BC, I spotted it, a branch that had curves and lines of a Japanese painting.  I headed towards it with only thoughts of fly-fishing nets and how it would be a thing of beauty...little did I realize, that right below the branch was a hornet's nest.  As you can guess, I stepped right into it.  Wasps stings and all, the branch was worth it.  It created a fly-fishing net that is as much a piece of art as it is functional.  
Please help us give.  If you are planning to give this year, consider putting in a generous bid for this beauty.  It retails for $750 but we are hoping that it can bring in more for the Foodbank.  
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