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Fly Fishing and Climbing -

The best way to spend a summer day

Meadow flowers on our hike in to a great climbing and Tenkara fly fishing day.
Tenkara fly fishing with my son
Only a Tenkara rod can catch a trout in such a small stream (Smallfish fly fishing net)
Smallfish's handcrafted Shokawa River Series Tenkara inspired fly fishing net landing a beautiful cutthroat.
Climbing after a bit of Tenkara fly fishing
Climbing after a bit of Tenkara Fly fishing.

Climbs in the Canadian Rockies are often along streams or tiny brooks. This allows our family to combine two of our favourite passions while enjoying the peace and beauty of the outdoors - climbing and fly fishing. Tenkara rods are the perfect compliment to climbing; they are simple, light, compact and can pick out trout from the tiniest of streams. These cold pristine mountain fed streams are the ideal habitat for native cutthroats. However, I'm always amazed at the size of trout able to live in these tiny streams.

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