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Fallen Timber Net #4 - its first trout!!

Named after the Fallen Timber Creek in Alberta, I've had net #4 on my website for awhile. I've always wondered how the net would perform so this past weekend, I decided to take it out to the creek its named after - the Fallen Timber Creek.

The fly-fishing net worked great! The unique shape of the Smallfish net and handle allows you to safely land the fish and take hands free photos. The orientation of the handle allows the net to stay propped up while keeping both the netting and the fish in the water. For this brown trout, I didn't even have to touch it with my hands– that includes taking the hook out (which was barbless of course).

Smallfish Fallen Timber Fly-fishing Net with a brown trout
Smallfish Fallen Timber Fly-fishing net with a brown trout
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